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Tiare is a Tahitian species of gardenia, Gardenia taitensis. It has a sweet, rich, intoxicating exotic floral scent. Its aroma is close to tuberose, less indolic, and sweeter. Traditionally, in French Polynesia tiare petals are infused in coconut oil to produce the famed Monoi Tiki Tahiti, or simply Monoi oil. Just like fine wines, Monoi oil holds an Appellation of origin, which strictly defines the production standards and geographical location.


Tiare flower in perfume and tiare monoi oil – The complete guide

Tiare flower is a type of gardenia – gardenia tahitiensis (or taitensis) by its latin name. It is the national flower of Tahiti and Cook Islands and central to Polynesian culture and traditions. It has delicate white flowers with intoxicating,...

10 best beach perfumes that scream vacation mode (in any season)

Every year towards the end of winter (or rather right after the holiday season), I crave scents that remind me of lazy beachy days and not needing layers of clothes to keep warm. One of the reasons for my fond...